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Phone: +43 (0) 1 512 53 98-0
Fax: +43 (0) 1 512 53 98-57

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Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 18.00 clock
Saturday: 10:00 - 17:00 clock
Advent Saturdays: 10:00 - 18:00 clock

Modern Art

Management: Gabriele Wolfrum, Ursula Brochard
Since 1925 gallery Wolfrum is located at the back of the Opera House, diagonally across from the Albertina in Vienna's first district. Our topical exhibition programm provides a fix point for the art- loving clientele from Austria and abroad. Besides well established austrian artists, such as Peter Bischof, Robert Hammerstiel, Valentin Oman, Herwig Zens, Franz Zadrazil and Josef Mikl- just to mention some of them- the gallery tries to attend to younger artist increasingly.

Gabriele Wolfrum: experiencing modern art

As especially younger artists are constantly seeking for the safety of a strongly lead and well established gallery, we increasingly offer them a platform in our house in Vienna's first district by giving them the opportunity to present their artwork in a generous ambience. As a consequence, a wide range of austrian modern art can be seen in our gallery during exhibitions.

On the upper floor the graphic gallery can be found, where we mainly exhibit artwork on paper. Whereas on the lower floor objects, installations and oil paintings on canvas are shown in generous framework.

To our permanent holdings we count pieces by: Franz Blaas, Heinz Frank, Michaela Ghisetti, Regina Hadraba, Manfred Hebenstreit, Sissi Farassat, Franco Kappl, Peter Sengl, Anna Stangl and many more.

Pay us a visit in Vienna's Inner City

Are you interested in modern art, young talents and the further portfolio of our house? Be sure to check out our gallery in Vienna's Inner City.