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Phone: +43 (0) 1 512 53 98-0
Fax: +43 (0) 1 512 53 98-57

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About Us

The history of gallery Wolfrum

The art publishing house and gallery Wolfrum was founded in November 1920 by Marie Wolfrum, after she had taken over the Löwy- family business. Before the relocation to Augustinerstraße in 1925, the company was located at Kohlmarkt. In those days, the gallery mostly attended to the austrian Biedermeier style and its artists. The repertoire back then included oil paintings by Pettenkoven, Waldmüller and Gauermann. Over time, Marie Wolfrum turned her attention to the austrian Art Nouveau, to the artist Kolomann Moser in particular.

In 1965 Hubert Wolfrum succeded to leading the art publishing house and gallery Wolfrum as general partner. With exhibitions showing Salvadore Dali and Jean Cocteau, he brought significant change to the gallerie's image. In later years Hubert Wolfrum increasingly turned to fantastic realism, which set the tone for exhibitions for many years.

Since 1985, Gabriele Wolfrum has been supporting aspiring artists, in order to make space for austrian contemporary art.